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Cnc Conversion Kit for G0704 Milling Machine

Cnc Conversion Kit for G0704 Milling Machine from

On this website you will find all information and instructions on how to convert your G0704 Drill/mill to Cnc Milling Machine. These kits will allow you to use your machine as a  Cnc  machine as well as a  manual machine.  The option you have because one of machine side will be with the hand wheels The picture above shows how the machine looks  after the change of drill/mill to  cnc milling machine .

This kit is designed to have NEMA 34 on the Z axis, and 2 x  NEMA 23 on Y & X axis.

But we also have sets:

1 )  Z axis  nema 34 and X,Y nema 23.

2)  Each axis Nema 34.

3 ) Kit dose not require drilling on the  base  and Z axis Column  but  we do not have a  option on the Y axis  to move the axis with the  hand  wheel.

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G0704 disassembly

Step 1 )   You need to completely dismantle your machine but remember to do this very carefully,  a lot of people make a mistake when dismantling the mill head from the column , The head is twisted with 5 screws, 4 are under the head right next to the spindle, the last  bolt is on the side of the head Below are the high lighted screws which need to be unscrewed.

Step 2 )  after completing the  first step we have to  Drill holes in the base, take the caliper and  set it at the front base of the machine check the distance from the left corner to the middle of the base hole. Please check the picture and be sure you have  the caliper on the same side of the base as we show.

Step 2 picture 1 (front of the base)

if you are sure you have set the caliper properly and exactly from the corner to the middle of the hole,  now we can go to the back side of the base  and  mark the position for the new hole.

step 2 picture 2 ( back side of the base)

step 3 picture 3 (set caliper from the bottom of the base to the middle of the hole)

Now  we have to setup the caliper from the bottom to the middle of the base hole. After you find the distance lock your caliper to that distance.


now you have to go to the back of the base and make a point where we have to drill the hole.

Now we take the Square  Angle Ruler, since  our first point was on top of the base (see picture 2,step 2 and photo above) we must make a point exactly  where the ruler shows.

Now you know where your new hole will need to be drilled. The best way to drill the hole is by using different sized drill bits starting from small and then ending with 1 inch drill bit

Step 3

Drilling hole on the G0704  column

Now you go to the Z axis column on the column hole can be 7/8” or 1

We have hole in our base and  column. The   next  step  is  to add the Y axis Ball screw, you have to place the ball screw in to the base hole at 70 degrees then you hold the nut in your hand and twist the screw until you see its possible to put the other end of the ball screw in the other base hole.



base g0704 with ball screw

Step 3)  Saddle Room for ball screw nut Clarence . Each  Chinese  ball screw  16 mm pitch 5,  requires  space in the  saddle  because of this  you need to cut the room in the saddle.


As you see on the picture below the ball screw flange nut is grinding, because  of the  X axis table. If we dont  grind the nut flange we will have problems sliding  in the  X axis table.

g0704 ball screw nut housing

On the second picture you have the Y axis  ball screw and nut housing.

Yaxis ball screw nut maunt

Ball screw inside the saddle.

Y and X axis nut maunt

Now you can add the X axis table.

cnc milling machine g0704

This video is done by the  kit owner, He also shows what to change on the drill/mill G0704  to have a CNC milling machine.

G0704 Cnc Conversion kit that set  is for nema 34

If you need  each axis with  Nema 34  this kit  is for you  one stepper motor  of the back of the  Z axis column.

G0704 cnc conversion kit each axis nema 34 stepper motor

Kit number 2  that kit  have stepper motor on the front  of the machine  n need  drilling in the column.




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